// #fbf : skinny niggy Diggy in your city getting chizzange 💸💸💸 || me n my brother as little ballers

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// throwback to pretty skies and simpler times #tbt

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// the sky tonight was gorgeous 🙏

// a big, fat #wcw to my supremely superior lady friend, the legendary Miss Amy Ackerman, whom I don’t see nearly as much as I would like. baddest bitches, LLC ♥️👽

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// lila

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// horizonz




Ragnar Th. Sigurdsson

"In the early hours of January 23, 1973, the 5000 residents of Heimaey Island awoke to a 1,500m-long wall of fire rising to the east of the town. The island, originally formed by volcanic eruptions, was hastily evacuated within a couple of days."

Watcher by Danielle Dautel.


Untitled on We Heart It.


LXIX  digital   neon   fashion   minimalism